I'm an incurable optimist with a passion for proving that life doesn't have to be just hard and angry.

I spent most of my ten first years of life in hospitals with a rare blood disease. And I learnt about patience, and about not giving up day after day. 

I loved playing many instruments, but nobody did it quite that way and so everybody was scared and concerned and told me for 20 years how I was all wrong. How the only right way was to focus, focus on one. 

I then dropped out of school when I was 15, and you can imagine how popular that one was.

And over and over I heard "the adults" telling me how if I really loved something, I would have gotten tired of it, how people would have let me down, how everything is "just a phase". But I'm still loving my journey and I found amazing friends and love. Just had to search a little harder. 


What I'm trying to say is that I keep finding that most people that tell you "this can't be done!"  have either never tried hard enough, or have forgotten what it means to trust themselves, or others. There is much more goodness in the world than we tend to give this life credit for. I've always hoped to remind those I encounter of that, in some shape or form.


I scored movies with great actors like John Turturro and Christopher Lloyd. 

Started a youtube channel were i played many instruments and even crossed dressed (!) and found over a million views. 

Got signed by A&M to be the bass player of a power rock trio. 

I recorded with Ginger Wildheart on his latest "Hey Hello" album which topped the UK rock charts. 


And more recently the fun has doubled when I was lucky enough to play with many incredible musicians in the NY area. 

From Will Lee's band, with Steve Gadd and Chuck Loeb. To Lew Soloff and Mark Egan. Keith Carlock, Oz Noy. 

And more recently beyond any dream that i've ever had in music, I got invited to join the Pat Metheny Unity Group. 


Oh, and i'm writing a pop album, and a book! 


Stay tuned!